Tuesday, 26 January 2016

SPACE FARMING refers to the cultivation of crops for food and other materials in space or on off-Earth celestial objects-equivalent to agriculture on Earth.

With the declaration that,NASA astronaut scott kelly revealed to the world the bright orange ZINNIAS that had blossomed on the international space station on January 16 2016.

In addition to growing zucchini and broccoli sprouts, pettit also successfully cultivated a sunflower to blossom.
Space Farming requires greater understandings if humans are to survive in space without constant contact from earth. space farming simply refers to growing plants in space.At first glance not seem too tricky, but inherent properties of space and our ability and live in its environment greatly complicate he situation.
Astronauts conduct experiments and improve our knowledge of cultivating plants in space, as well as many critical arenas of science.
Earth-Bound researchers and scientists analyze the result and conduct there own experiments thinking up new theories and possible solutions on test.

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